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Originally from Washington D.C., the value of history became ingrained. After a career in sales and marketing in Michigan, I write about the subject to explore and learn, then to spread some of what was discovered. The study of the American Civil War has always been a passion since I could read. An early Virginia education demanded it.

My wife and I currently reside in Lancaster, SC where one foot could be in SC and the other in NC. The Revolutionary War Battle of the Waxhaws took place two miles from here. In the Civil War, Union and Confederate Cavalry under commands of Joe Wheeler, C.S. and Judson Kilpatrick, U.S.  clashed four miles away. A street one mile away is named Tory Path. It is a name earned and not given.

Understanding our history is the most important thing to knowing who we really are and where we need to go. It is our roots. We can't change it. We can only learn from it.

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